Half of your brain works to process visual information. We work to make your brain's job easier.


The team has over a decade of diverse experience delivering results for clients from the deep South of the United States to Silicon Valley to the United Kingdom to New Zealand and elsewhere.

We want to welcome companies into the world of data visualization with graphics that go beyond boring bar chart. We aim to deliver elegant visualizations that make a noticeable difference in your business.


the people behind the pixels


Robert Crocker


Kat Greenbrook


We both participate in community data visualization projects.

We both speak at conferences, workshops and the more intimate viz MeetUps.


We both work remotely.


But there are differences in our data. You just need to look closer.

What differences interest you the most?

Are we vegan? Do we have five siblings? Do we take cold showers in the morning? Ever swam with a Great White?

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