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In this blog I will be sharing the insights of some of the most inspiring data visualization professionals around the world, unpacking how our minds makes sense of visual forms and exploring the leading technologies used by practitioners today.

Done are the days of dull data. Data visualization is ultimately a means of communication. What is different about this medium is how effectively data driven pixels on your screen can capture the eyes of your audience by deeply engaging the those visual systems.

To understand how you can increase the impact of your investment in data visualization services and technologies it is important to understand what makes visualizations so damn engaging.

What you will learn

By sharing your time with me you will learn how data visualization can be leveraged to draw in your audience so that the messages you are trying to deliver will stick.

You will learn this through interviews I have with other professionals in the field. I will break down element of visualization you can leverage such calls to action, interactivity, gestalt principles, and color theory to name a few. There will also be posts walking you through how to get started with Tableau, D3, Mapbox and other useful libraries or applications used today.

Who is Rob

I am a freelance data visualization professional traveling the world to help clients looking to leverage data with visualization.

My journey began in 2011 when I used Tableau to plot supply chain distributions networks across a map of the US. It was then that I realized how powerful data visualization is when making important decision. Before developing those maps, our strategy and business development teams were basing their decisions off of rudimentary Excel tables.

After caping out what the business side of the house was comfortable with me doing technically, so I moved to into a role in the Information Technology department. The gave me the opportunity to craft the entire data visualization pipeline, from SQL stored procedures to dashboards, for the units I was helping to support.

After spending years understanding how to optimize SQL queries, I found my self gravitating back into visuals designs. So, I uprooted from Atlanta, Georgia to San Francisco, California in hopes of deepening my technical skills and design sense.

In San Francisco, I not only helped clients like First Republic Bank roll out Tableau Server to their organization but also delivered custom Tableau dashboards to the likes of Charles Schwab, Pinterest and others. During my time at Slalom, we incorporated much more than Tableau to design our dashboards. Thinking outside the scope of a single application stepped up my skills tremendously, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

Georgia Pacific
Charles Schwab
Colmar Brunton

I now travel to clients all over the world to train data visualization professionals, execute projects for clients and inspire as many people as I can who are interested in joining the flourishing community of data visualization professionals around the world.

Client testimonials

We were interested developing a solution to provide operational insights from the very top to bottom of the organization. Robert was able to quickly understand what was needed and develop a solution with his expert knowledge of Tableau and data visualization. Roberts work freed our team from hours of manual work, yielded well-designed visuals we could easily share with executives. We couldn't have done it without his help.

Romit Jadhwani | Head of Business Intelligence | Pinterest

Rob was able to adjust to our unique needs, was patient with our learning curve and provided resources and examples to help with our continued growth. He is knowledgeable about a wide range of topics and provided guidance beyond just viz creation, but on overall organizational use and understanding of data and its use in telling the story.

Melissa Edmiston | VP of Operations | Mavuno

I contacted Robert for advice on a dashboard for a client project. Robert was able to promptly meet remotely and walk me through how he approaches data storytelling, as well as identify alternative ways of presenting the data. Robert quickly identified a couple confusing visualizations I was able to clean up. Overall, my client was very happy with the results.

Patrick Hennessey | Data Analytics Professional | Mashley

Rob was a great help in bringing in expertise for an engagement with a high degree of complexity and a short turn around. What was most impressive working with Rob is that he thinks and offers solutions based on his expertise as opposed to just 'doing the work'. His skill levels are high and he's great to collaborate with and we couldn't be happier with the results he delivered. Would recommend anyone work with Rob and VizSimply

Daniel Chu | Financial Controller | Xplor

From the start, Rob & Kat demonstrated how to lift the UX of our dashboards. More importantly, they established themselves as valuable partners, contributing to the overall vision of our product offering.

Grant Callaghan | Founder | VXM