Storytelling With Data

Storytelling With Data Redesign P3

Read the full post to find out what the insight from this chart and Michael Phelps have in common. If you are finding this series for the first time visit P1 and P2 to see what has lead us to this point. There is so much I want to say about the value of makeovers, but that’s a topic for an entirely different post. It’s my honest opinion that participating in exercises such as these the best way to learn short from having a great team to push you every day.

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Storytelling With Data Redesign P2

In part 1 of this storytelling with data redesign series, we simply set the stage. In this post, we walk through the cleanup process. WHAT’S OUR OBJECTIVE? Most people are going to jump straight into the cleanup process as you might with a messy room. What’s out of place and where can I put it, so the room looks tidy again? No surprises here. I am going to approach the visual clean up the same way.

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Storytelling With Data Redesign P1

Cole, of storytelling with data, doesn’t host public redesigns often. This is a rare opportunity to practice with a master. Cole has been busily globetrotting for years teaching people at almost any company you can think of how to better tell stories with their data. She finds particular value in the power of storytelling, which you can learn more about by reading her book or attending her public workshops.

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