Chart Type

Why Are You Busting My Bubbles

MakeoverMonday was an especially special event this week as the digital gathered together at the Tableau Customer Conference for a live makeover in Vegas. As you can imagine this is an exciting opportunity to meet fellow #MakeoverMonday regulars and newbies in real life, but also a challenge yourself to create something presentable within an hour while Andy and Eva looking over your shoulder. Personally, I would rather spend days wondering how I am going to visualize the dataset of the week, play with the numbers a bit and iterate far longer than any sane person.

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Don't Over Do the Donuts

WHAT’S A LIFT? A lift is my way improving a visualization by isolating one feature that hinders our perception in some way. Data visualization is complex, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t informed approaches anyone can take to make more accessible visualizations. I hope by sharing these bite-size improvements we can learn how to avoid common missteps and better defend our design decisions. LET’S GET AFTER IT! Week 39 of Makeover Monday had us makeover a chart type I have started noticing more and more in the wild.

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